Do I have to pay for searching or applying for internship?
No, internsmania is completely free for students! Only sign up is required to apply for any internship.
How to search or find internship?
Go to Search page, enter the desired area/location of internship and the search will show list of available internships. Upon clicking internship it'll show the complete description and option to apply.
I've applied for internship, what next?
After applying, you have to wait until the employer either shortlist you for the internship or call you for interview. After which you have to acknowledge to go for interview or not.


Do we have to pay for creating internship positions?
Basic features of internsmania like creating internships, searching for candidates, shortlisting and calling for interview are free for organization.
We have shortlisted candidates, what next?
After shortlisting candidates next step is to call them for interview.
How do we call student for interview?
After shortlisting, students can be called for interview. Basic information like place, time, location and point of contact for interview will be filled for each individual student when you select "Call for interview" option.
We have called candidates for interview, what next?
After calling candidates for interview, student will acknowledge the interview.